Cost of Treatment and Ways to Pay


Treatment...................$1,565 to $1,765.00

TOTAL COST* $1,755.00 to $1,955.00 (effective February 14th, 2024)

The range in treatment fees is based on the dosage of I-131 that your cat requires. Your cat's dose can only be determined by examining the cat in person. 

0.5 to 5.0 mCi.................$1,565.00 (80% of cats we treat receive less than 5.0 mCi.)
5.01 to 10 mCi.................$1,765.00 (5.0 mCi or more)

The treatment fee includes the entire period of hospitalization. All fees will need to be paid in full on the day of your appointment.

*Further charges may occur if any additional tests are run or if medications are dispensed while your cat is in our care. 

Payment Options

  • All major credits cards, including Discover and American Express
  • Cash (Both locations require exact change if you plan to pay with cash)
  • Care Credit (see below for details)
  • Checks are not accepted

If you would like to use Care Credit, you may apply ahead of time at We honor the 6-month, interest deferred payment plan.

If you have Trupanion Pet Insurance, they will generally require an estimate in order to be pre-approved prior to your visit. Other pet insurance companies may vary.

  • You will be responsible for the $190.00 consultation exam cost, as well as the treatment cost in full on the day of the appointment, and Trupanion will reimburse all covered costs to you
  • You will need to be pre-approved for I-131 treatment prior to your visit. Start the pre-approval process via Trupanion's website, and we will be happy to provide you with a formal estimate for Trupanion to review

If you have received a pre-approval with a pet insurance company other than Trupanion, you will also be required to make the full payment on the day of your appointment and will be responsible for collecting your reimbursement through your pet insurance company. 

One and Three Month Post I-131 Visits

Follow-up for your cat involves appointments with your primary care veterinarian at 1 and 3 months after I-131 treatment. Physical examination and follow-up blood tests will determine if the thyroid has returned to normal. The fees for this will be based on what tests are done, as well as your regular veterinarian's pricing. These visits are separate from the I-131 therapy at FHTC. 

The blood work and any additional testing will be completed by your primary care veterinarian and sent to us. Should we see any concerns, we will contact your veterinarian, and your veterinarian will report the results to you.

For Cats Flying in from Alaska or Out of State

Once your cat arrives from the airport, we will immediately check their blood pressure. This helps us evaluate their cardiac state, and if the blood pressure is too high, we can intervene medically.

Blood pressure.............$45.00
Treatment...................$1,565.00 to $1,765.00


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Retreatment Policy

We will retreat most cases at no additional charge* within 12 months of the original treatment date if the hyperthyroid state is not resolved with the initial treatment.

To be eligible for this "no additional charge" option, you MUST have had the required 1 and 3 month rechecks after I-131 therapy has been completed. These visits (exam and lab work) should be completed within the prescribed 3 month post-treatment period. Should unforeseen circumstances arise during that 3 month time period, an additional 3 months grace period will be allowed. If the 2 follow-up rechecks have not been successfully completed within 6 months of I-131 treatment, any cat who then appears to require a second I-131 treatment will NOT QUALIFY FOR THE 'NO ADDITIONAL COST' OPTION and will be considered a recurrence to be treated at full cost.

*May not apply to cats with very large thyroid tumors that require a second treatment. If it is decided your cat needs a high-dose retreatment, the cost is $1,000.

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