Ripley (kitty) and I just wanted to thank Dr Vaughan and the whole staff for your great service and care. You were all great to work with, and communicated well with us! Ripley left your clinic a few days ago, so we haven't followed up yet with our vet following blood work. However it's obvious she feels SO MUCH better! I haven't seen her this happy in several months. It's wonderful to have my companion acting like her normal self. Thank you so much again, we are grateful this treatment was available. I attached a picture of the happy kitty for you!

Kali & Ripley

Hello! Just wanted to let you know Rio Blanco is doing great! As soon as we got home he started emptying the bowls of food! I haven't even opened the anti-nausea or the appetite builder pills! He doesn't smell the crushed up antibiotic in the food either. I'm setting up a 30 day with Dr. Cooper, and will keep you posted! Thank you!

Patrick and Rio

They are very personable, professional, and knowledgeable about their very specialized practice. If you have a cat with thyroid issues, I highly recommend this clinic.

Becky Seattle, WA

My family has had Lila since she was a kitten. She is turning 15 in October, I was only 10 when we got her. I moved away as an adult for a few years and when I came back the poor thing was neglected and emaciated. She had been severely underfed and had not been taken to the vet in years. It was clear to me that she was quickly fading and would waste away if not given the proper attention. I took her under my care and had her checked out. It turned out she had one of the most severe cases of feline hyperthyroidism my vet had ever seen. She was only 4lbs at that time; less than half of what she would weigh if she were healthy. Because all of Lila's other organs were functioning perfectly my vet recommended a permanent fix as opposed to expensive food or medication, and referred me to the feline hyperthyroid treatment center in shoreline. I was skeptical at first because of the pricing but after doing my research decided to put everything I had into this. I still didn't have enough, but thanks to the kindness of strangers on GoFundMe was able to come up with the cash. At the consultation the staff and doctors were very kind and informative. I felt very comfortable leaving my friend in their care. Lila was at the treatment center for 11 days, and a staff member called me every day to let me know how she was doing. In the following months she gained weight and her vitality returned. At her final bloodwork post op it was clear: the treatment worked 100%. She is now 9lbs and is very muscular. She does not act like a 15 year old cat and her vet says she could live for many years to come. Thank you Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center! Lila has been living with me ever since and is a very happy cat. I am always shocked how dense and heavy she is when I pick her up. She is also very playful and strong now. It's like having a kitten around the house again :) You're doing the lord's work. Keep it up!

Lila Shoreline, WA

Pox's Story Does it make sense to treat hyperthyroid in a fourteen-year-old, mostly outdoor cat? That’s what we were asking ourselves in the summer of 2013. Pox let me know his opinion by following me around all summer, talking continually. He plainly said, “I feel lousy; why don’t you do something about this problem?” Eventually I got the message and brought him in for treatment.Pox did not enjoy his ride in the car and hated being confined for 5 days, but soon he was home, lying in the sun, and feeling much better. He ate like a hog for six months and got back up to his natural weight. He continues to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, with a sheltered sleeping perch and two large meals a day. At fifteen he’s calm, healthy, and holds his own with the other cats. We’re glad he’s still with us.

Pox Seattle, WA

I wanted to drop you and everyone at FHTC a note to let you know that Byron (the PAWS™ kitty FHTC treated pro bono earlier this year) was adopted last month! Even better, he was adopted with another senior, all-black kitty we had in care. Byron is incredibly social with other cats, so we could not have asked for a better outcome for him. Thanks so much to you, Teresa, for walking us through this process, Dr. Vaughan who treated Byron, and Dr. Wackerbarth who approved his treatment. Your generosity truly made all the difference in giving this still very spunky, senior cat a second chance at life. Thank you from everyone at PAWS. Happy holidays!

Byron Seattle, WA

As a member of an animal rescue organization on Vashon Island (VIPP), as well as being a chronic cat owner, I've had many opportunities to visit the Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center. Over the past 30+ years, I've taken scores of cats to Shoreline for definitive treatment. At all times I've found the people there to have that happy combination of professionalism and kindness -- I can recommend their services without reservation.

Piro Kramar. Vashon Island Pet Protectors Vashon Island, WA

My cat was diagnosed as hyperthyroid when she was 10. We had her treated as soon as she was diagnosed and I was glad it was found early. I didn’t really give the thyroid medication much consideration because she was difficult to pill and knowing radioiodine was a cure made it easy to decide on going that route. My greatest worry wasn’t the medical therapy because I understood that it was non-invasive and easily injected; since she was such a nervous cat, I knew being in a hospital environment would be scary for her. I was relieved this was a cat-only environment---dogs, even just the sound and smell of dogs, terrified her. She was there for two days and I was told she was nervous, but she was eating well and had a privacy curtain. When she got home, she was ‘business as usual’ once she had inspected the house to make sure nothing had changed. I had three other cats at the time so I had a lot of litter to scoop and store, but that was easily kept in a paint bucket in my utility room. Savannah lived until the age of 20. So glad we did the radioiodine therapy and we’ve already treated a second cat we adopted at a later time. He’s doing great as well!

Savannah Lynnwood, WA

Monty is 12 years old. Dr. Vaughan had been monitoring Monty’s thyroid over the years and identified that he was borderline for hyperthyroidism.  After discussing his overall appearance, behavior and appetite, we decided that it made sense to treat him.  We were so relieved to know that he would be in good hands at the Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center.  The entire staff is professional, compassionate, and competent. Thank you to Dr. Vaughan, Teresa and the rest of the staff at FHTC for providing this service and taking such great care of Monty!


Will & Grace found me in 1999 when they were four weeks old. They were born near in a parking lot off Highway 99.  They are twins and do everything together.  This year they celebrated their 15th birthdays and are thriving in excellent health due to the Feline Hyperthyroid Center for treatment.  They both did amazingly well with treatment and continue to live happy lives to torment and love each other.   A third family member, Hunter, also had the Hyperthyroid treatment and she thrives at the ripe old age of 13.  All three showed remarkable progress immediately: namely, weight gain, and their fur went back to a healthy looking coat....appetites never waivered.  It was costly, one treatment was right after I lost a job, but I will tell you it was worth it.

Will, Grace, and Hunter Edmonds, WA

Thanks to Dr Faythe Vaughan, and her kind staff in Shoreline and Tacoma for giving us at least 5 extra, good quality, years with our buddy, Rocky! He was a rescue cat to begin with, and his good fortune continues! We highly recommend The Feline Hyperactive Thyroid Center for their extraordinary care and skill.

Rocky Tacoma, WA

Three months ago my 13 year old kitty Miss Fanny spent three days in the care of Dr. Vaughan and the staff. Before treatment she had been losing weight, getting more lethargic and her coat was much too dry. She was found to have two tumors on her thyroid. Since her stay there she has improved almost on a daily basis. Coat is better, activity is better, and she's gained back the three pounds she had lost. And last weeks final follow up with my local vet confirmed all her blood/urine tests were back to normal. I am extremely happy that he referred my to your clinic and could not be more pleased with the results. Thanks so much to all of you.

Miss Fanny Northbend, WA

We want to thank you for your extraordinary efforts in looking after our Samson's well being. You took the initiative of a problem we were not aware was even present. We are very, very grateful to all involved in Samson's case. We appreciate the detailed message Dr. Vaughan left on our phone and we personally spoke to Matthew and Teresa by phone--thank you!

Samson Port Townsend, WA

Great place. They were so good to my kitty who was really scared. He seems to be completely cured.

You took care of our Nina Kitty and it was like she found the Fountain of Youth! At age twelve, she had been slowly losing weight and getting a bit more "yowly" but we wrote it off as factors of aging. Our wonderful vet diagnosed hyperthyroidism on her annual visit and recommended your clinic. We were on the fence on the treatment vs medication as we felt she was doing fine - but repeatedly I encountered people that had issues with the medication treatments and wished they had gone the pricier (upfront) but radioactive iodine way. Within a short time of coming home from the clinic from her radioactive treatment, Nina transformed in to a fluffier, softer coated friendlier loving kitty - the yowling ceased at. She had been doing just fine but it was like she had visited the "fountain of youth" and transformed in to a younger (and healthier) version of herself - it has been amazing to witness (even our neighbors noted her beautiful fluffy coat.) I would be happy to testify to the treatment she received from the clinic and the amazing results. Worth every penny just visibly seeing this completely unexpected transformation! Thank you so much for taking care of Nina - I will highly recommend this treatment and clinic to anyone.


Princess started losing weight and after checking with the vet she was confirmed as being Hyperthyroid. After Approximately 13 months of of a paste-like med applied to the ears, switching from left to right every week and multiple vet visits for checking the level of the hyperthyroid, we looked into the alternative treatment of Radioiodine therapy. We contacted the Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center in Tacoma. After getting required blood and urine sample testing at our local vet and emailing them it only took 4 days to get her in and start the treatment.We arrived in Tacoma at 11:30 dropped her off and she was evaluated and receiving the treatment in short time. The staff are absolutely outstanding to deal with. Professional, courteous and showing love and caring toward their patients. Miranda, Vanessa and Dr. Vaughan are the fabulous staff we dealt with. The cost for the Radioidine is less than what we spent on the last few months and the end result is no more treatment. All done in one shot. She is home now with minimal human contact (1 hour daily for 2 weeks) because she is "radioactive" (haven't seen anything glowing yet) and will return to normal life Oct 22. I was very concerned to leave Princess for a few days anywhere as she is feral and dependent on and only trusting us. All my fears were calmed after the first update call. She was doing fine and eating and resting. Now this is in stark contrast to another local vet for a check up that almost sent me to hospital for yet another shot. Not the staffs fault but this is what we go through caring for feral cats. This is a simple reason I don't transport any of my colony unless I absolutely have to. Thank you guys at felinehtc for taking such good care of Princess and keeping us informed. She is doing fine spending her time between the motorhome and the house in a dog crate.

Tacoma, WA

Dr. Vaughan; Kathy; Miranda; and anyone who was involved in treating and caring for Tigger. Just wanted you to see the life Tigger is leading because of your excellent care on this upcoming anniversary of her treatment. We are thankful for every day we have with her. I purchased a bird feeder a while back and before I could get it hung outside, she had stuffed herself in and was waiting anxiously for the birds to come to her. As you can see from her posture on our hot tub, she is just a bundle of nervous energy, always alert and ready to spring into action now that she is feeling at the top of her game.


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