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Restoring Health & Happiness to Senior Cats Since 1992

Restoring Health & Happiness to Senior Cats Since 1992

Nursing Staff

Our work is made possible by a proficient team of animal health technologists (analogous to RNs), care coordinators, hospital managers, and animal caretakers, who work specifically with cats because we love them.


Teresa began working with the Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center in 1994 while simultaneously working at the sister clinic, Cats Exclusive. She moved to Seattle from California where she worked in a general veterinary practice for 5 years.  She jumped at the chance to work at a feline-specific practice and has enjoyed her career in feline medicine. In 1998 she received her BS degree in Zoology from the University of Washington, focusing on animal behavior. In February 2013, Teresa began working full time with the Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center as a nurse and assistant to Dr. Vaughan. She has a special affinity for geriatric cats (she enjoys her own 2 older cats!) and strives to make them as comfortable as possible during their hospital stay.






Miranda is a Washington native. After her career in the United States Air Force, she began working at an animal shelter in Portland, Oregon.  Her roles at the shelter as community service coordinator and animal care technician working primarily with cats made her realize her passion for education and veterinary medicine.

She began working as a veterinary assistant before she attended Pierce College and obtained her Veterinary Technician license. Miranda worked in emergency veterinary medicine for more than five years where she saw everything! During this time two of her cats were diagnosed with hyperthyroidism; they were both successfully treated at the Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center in Tacoma.

With Miranda’s affinity for senior cats and a personal interest in feline hyperthyroidism, we were happy to have Miranda join our team in April 2014.




Rylie began working here as a nurse in the spring of 2019. Rylie has a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation. She did an internship at the Whatcom Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Services and she still volunteers there weekly. Most interestingly, Rylie did an internship the The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone Minnesota. ( Her project was to work with wild-born baby cougars.

Most recently, Rylie worked at Purrfect Cat Boarding where she got to experience domestic cats. This was great practice for comforting nervous felines who are away from home.


Rylie has one cat named Cilantro who is spoiled sweet and is very handsome.








Maria returned to the Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center this spring after working here back in the late 2000’s. She is a licensed veterinary technician with almost 30 years of experience. She has experience in emergency clinics, wildlife rehabilitation, and works with several local non-profits such as Seattle Area Feline Rescue, Feral Cat Spay and Neuter Project (which she managed for 5 years), and Kitsap Humane among many more.


Maria has two dogs, three cats, and then always has at least one foster cat in the mix. (She favors the elderly, fragile cats!)





Behind-the-Scenes Professionals



Our staff works closely with nuclear physicists to provide the safest work environment possible, and to insure that we comply with Washington State radiation safety standards for hospitalizing and releasing animals that have been treated with radiation. Nuclear pharmacists prepare the doses of radioiodine, and couriers trained in radiation safety transport it to our facility.

As with any highly-specialized medical service, it takes a village of educated people who care.


Thanks to Dr Faythe Vaughan, and her kind staff in Shoreline and Tacoma for giving us at least 5 extra, good quality, years with our buddy, Rocky! He was a rescue cat to begin with, and his good fortune continues! We highly recommend The Feline Hyperactive Thyroid Center for their... read more »

Tacoma, WA

  Three months ago my 13 year old kitty Miss Fanny spent three days in the care of Dr. Vaughan and the staff. Before treatment she had been losing weight, getting more lethargic and her coat was much too dry. She was found to have two... read more »

Miss Fanny
North Bend, WA

We want to thank you for your extraordinary efforts in looking after our Samson's well being. You took the initiative of a problem we were not aware was even present. We are very, very grateful to all involved in Samson's case. We appreciate the detailed... read more »

Port Townsend, WA

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