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Restoring Health & Happiness to Senior Cats Since 1992

Restoring Health & Happiness to Senior Cats Since 1992

Pre-Treatment Checklist

Pre-Treatment Instructions

Preparation: It is very important that you have read the entire Getting Started section of the website prior to your appointment. Many commonly asked questions are answered here. Methimazole and/or herbal supplements must be discontinued at least 7 days prior to treatment. Hill’s Prescription y/d must be discontinued at least 14 days prior to treatment. (Unless otherwise advised.)  We do not allow dogs inside the building.

Appointment: Dr. Vaughan will be meeting with you and your cat at your appointment time. She will palpate your cat’s thyroid gland to determine its size. This is one of several criteria used to determine what dose of radioiodine is advised for your cat. It is important that someone that lives with the cat and is aware of their medical history accompanies the cat. We will be able to keep your cat to administer the treatment the same day.

Food: Your cat will be hospitalized for as little as one night up to 10 days. Since many cats are particular about what they eat, you are welcome to bring their favorite food(s).  No fasting needed.

Personal belongings: bedding, toys, and other personal items cannot accompany your cat into the nuclear medicine ward. Your cat must be in a pet carrier when you arrive.

Medications: If your cat is taking any medication, we will be happy to continue to administer that while they are in our care. Please bring each medication in its original container.

Payment: Is due at the time of admission. We accept all major credit cards including Care Credit. Cash is okay. Checks are not accepted.

Cancellations: As we routinely maintain a waiting list, we do need 48 hours notice for any cancellations or changes.

Location: We suggest using Google Maps to get directions. These are also on our website. Please note the Shoreline location is not near Lynnwood on Highway 99.  We are located in King County on Aurora and we share a building with Cats Exclusive Veterinary Center for which you will see a large orange sign.

Thank you for letting us take care of your feline friend

  Three months ago my 13 year old kitty Miss Fanny spent three days in the care of Dr. Vaughan and the staff. Before treatment she had been losing weight, getting more lethargic and her coat was much too dry. She was found to have two... read more »

Miss Fanny
North Bend, WA

Thanks to Dr Faythe Vaughan, and her kind staff in Shoreline and Tacoma for giving us at least 5 extra, good quality, years with our buddy, Rocky! He was a rescue cat to begin with, and his good fortune continues! We highly recommend The Feline Hyperactive Thyroid Center for their... read more »

Tacoma, WA

Pox’s Story Does it make sense to treat hyperthyroid in a fourteen-year-old, mostly outdoor cat? That’s what we were asking ourselves in the summer of 2013. Pox let me know his opinion by following me around all summer, talking continually. He plainly said, “I feel lousy;... read more »

Seattle, WA

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